Privacy Policy & Legal Terms
This Privacy Policy describes how we treat personal information when you use our products and services, including information provided when you use Aladdin Airport Parking's website. In addition, the following describes our privacy practices that are specific to this site.
Personal information
We ask for some personal information when you sign up to use this sites services, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access. In addition to signup, you may also provide additional information and can edit your account at any time on our administration pages. Our servers automatically record information about your use of the service, such as when you use the site and the frequency and type of use. Information displayed or clicked in the interface is also recorded.
We store and maintain your account information in order to provide the service.
Your choices
You can change your account settings, including your personal information, at any time in the account administration screens. You can edit and remove your information at any time, as desired. If you ask for you account to be deleted, we will remove all contact information accordingly. Because of the way we maintain this service, residual copies of your information and other information associated with your account may remain on back-up media for a period of time.
More information
We adhere to the US Safe Harbor privacy principles. For more information about the Safe Harbor framework or our registration, see the web site of the Department of Commerce.
For more information about our privacy practices or if you have additional questions, please contact us any time. Or write to us at:
Privacy Matters
c/o Aladdin Parking
801 South Grand Ave, Suite 775
Los Angeles, CA 90017 (USA)

Cookie Policy

A cookie is either a small text file that is stored on your hard drive, or some information that is stored in memory until you close your Web browser.
Aladdin Airport Parking uses cookies to allow a secure personalized browsing experience and to help us monitor usage of our site. By using a cookie, our site can automatically read your preferences and customize pages. Aladdin Parking recognizes our user's privacy concerns and will only use cookies as an enabling tool. You may choose to reject cookies either outright, or on a case-by-case basis using the instructions for your browser. However, in order to use our website you will need to accept cookies.
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